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Feb. 4, 2023

Today's Music Sucks And So Did Disco Duck

Today's Music Sucks And So Did Disco Duck

Lance talks about today's pop and country music and why it sucks.

He opines it's a filtering issue. There's just no filter on what flushes down the internet stream.

There used to be record companies and radio and TV programmers standing guard. Though, all of them must have been asleep at the switch with Disco Duck, Muskrat Love, et al. Et al. is a legal term - Google it!

If anyone, and he means anyone, can record at home, and dump their cough, cough, "craft" onto the net there's no one to say, Hell no. Not on my watch or with my ears. I.e. no filter

Enjoy a not in stereo semi-rant.

Maybe, Lance needs a filter, too.