Laughter is the best medicine!
Dec. 17, 2022

Christmas Is For Drinking, Sort Of

Christmas Is For Drinking, Sort Of
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With nine days before Christmas, Lance starts thinking about Christmas adult beverages.

This gets him thinking about adult beverages, in general. He's a nauseous, no on, "The Nog," and not a connoisseur of wines- reds taste like Dr. Pepper, grapes, and alcohol, while, whites only taste like just grapes and alcohol.

He reflects on his college days, "Great Drinking Contest" and how he put into action a prank involving Tequila and Lavoris mouthwash.


He reveals, he does not have an addictive personality- except possibly for Whoppers- and what would happen should he engage in a malted milk ball eating contest with Oprah Winfrey.

Here's an episode you can drink to. Yes, I ended a sentence with a preposition.