Laughter is the best medicine!
Jan. 27, 2023

Sex Sells, Clickbait Yells.

Sex Sells, Clickbait Yells.

Lance teases about clickbait, air-headed celebrity endorsements, how sex sells- well, duh- and why he keeps getting click bait on Meta- which he still calls Face Book- about a photo of side boob of some model he's never heard of nor cares about.

Are jingles superior sales tools compared to celeb endorsements? Is Lance permanently programmed by soda jingles from his childhood? What about a celeb who just happened to wear an article of clothing or jewelry and suddenly fans are crazed to get it?

Lance also uses words you just don't don't hear. But that's just who he is.

Have you been baited?

Click on the episode and feel your funny bone teased with another rip-roaring, celebrity endorsed, fun AF, episode. (I'm the alleged "celebrity).