Laughter is the best medicine!
Jan. 6, 2023

Somethin' Somethin Turned Nothin' Nothin'

Somethin' Somethin Turned Nothin' Nothin'
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Lance describes how his plans for not just a little, but a lot, of "somthin' somethin" turned into nothin' nothin over a four day weekend.

There was always some darned excuse: too tired from the week, too bloated and gassy after that outrageously expensive dinner, drank too much, again, and the, "Let's just watch one more Hallmark movie and I'll be ready, which leads to watching yet another Hallmark Movie, and another, until coma.

Lance learns the valuable lesson, real romance is free. If someone really wants you, you don't have to spend money or put on a costly production.

True love and a little somethin' somethin' should be exactly like the ending of a Hallmark Movie. Right?