Laughter is the best medicine!


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In the middle of a Hallmark movie...

So I'm watching a Hallmark movie and browsing Facebook when I stumble across Paused the movie and listened to eight podcasts in a row, laughing out loud, and I'm by myself! (That's when I know something is really funny.) Looking forward to listening to more podcasts, Lance! 🙂

Aunt Phyllis, yay!🤣

Pffhahaha ur Aunt Phyllis voice is the greatest of all time 🤣 I can see u doing a very successful Netflix special entirely in her voice hahaha This whole episode was very fun. I really like the authentic laughter mixed in and ur side comment about its this color or that depending if ur color blind hahaha It all comes across as fun, in-the-moment storytelling. Was there really a lady like this at the market stand? Haha And all of ur impressions and voices come across in a fun manner and not in a making-fun manner, which is nice heehee

I love this guy

Funny, relatable, true. What’s not to like.

I love this show! It's so much fun to listen to. A welcome break from my daily routine. I can't wait to see what the next show will be about... Edge of my seat!


I love the irreverance of this show. Really funny. Refreshingly NOT politically correct.

This is really funny. Seriously

Seriously Funny

Amusing, Entertaining and a must listen! This guy is a star!

So funny

I enjoy the surprise laughs, great stories!