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Dec. 2, 2022

Strippers: Not Just a Stocking For Your Stuffer

Strippers: Not Just a Stocking For Your Stuffer

And a 5,6,7,8-- Strippers: Not just a stocking for your stuffer.

No doubt, countless guys, and some gals, have fantasized about being with, or living with a stripper. Lance shares his experiences, living with, and dating strippers. That's right plural! And the high school trophy for studliness goes to SmartyPantsLance!

Strippers, exotic dancers, or just plain "dancers"- no not the kind on Broadway- have a certain rep. But Lance tells us they're real people, too. Who knew!

Lance asks who's smarter: the dancer or the customer. There is an obvious answer.

From his gameplaying, "dancer" housemate to a college student trying to make life better for herself, Lance doesn't have to take a poll on the subject; He knows from experience. There's even a strategy for those who want to meet and date a dancer. Yeah, good luck with that.

So sit back and relax. There's no cover charge or two drink minimum for this episode. Though, Lance would appreciate a generous tip in the form of your telling your friends to a listen.