Laughter is the best medicine!
Dec. 9, 2021

Smarty Pants Lance Dog People Versus Cat People

Smarty Pants Lance Dog People Versus Cat People

Dogs, cats, and their crazy owners. Excuse me, "pet guardians," of which I'm one!

Smarty Pants Lance humorously describes differences between dog and cat owners. Pardon, "guardians." But not of the Galaxy, just pets.

A doofus interrupts asking about lizard people. Lance via celebrity impression, defers to senior investigative reporter for Dateline NBC, Josh Mankiewicz for a comment.

Lance wryly observes not only do people look and act like their pets but their personalities and appearances vary depending if they favor a cat or a dog.

For example: dog people are extraverts who enjoy being physically active whereas cat people are lazy introverts, hole up like a shut-in and drinking to excess.  

A podcast for those with pet cats and dogs but not with pet peeves.