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Dec. 15, 2021

Smarty Pants Lance Dating Apps

Smarty Pants Lance Dating Apps

Are the dateless and desperate "app" to meet Dr. Supermodel via a smartphone dating app?

Smarty Pants Lance humorously describes his experiences with dating apps. 

Smartphone apps lure you in with profiles of lonely supermodels with PhD's, who speak 10 languages, and lived in thirty nine countries, who don't care about another's looks or money because they just want to do acts of service, and love, and be loved forever! They're Dr. Supermodel and they're available to  you right now! 

While he awaits replies from his supermodel matches Lance asks himself is all fair in love and dating apps?  Find out as Smarty Pants Lance meets your ears for a coffee and gives you the scoop. Now, please pass the almond milk.